The Fair Foodstore

7:00am - 4:00pm
135 Church Street Richmond


outdoor area

The Fair Foodstore on the corner of Church and Somerset Streets in Richmond, is owner Sarah Masny’s first venture. She's created a stylish and convivial space in this charming blue building on this quiet stretch of Church Street. Blond wood furniture is set against whitewashed walls while natural light floods the interior and lush terrariums and indoor plants brighten up the windows.

The impressive menu makes modern twists on breakfast and lunch classics, such as the smoked haddock fishcake with poached egg & savoy cabbage puree, or the fennel scotch egg with globe artichoke and pea salad, tarragon vinaigrette on sourdough.

Sweets are no less inventive and just as appetising, and aside from the exceptional coffee (which hails from Wide Open Road) and tea from Larsen & Thompson, The Fair Foodstore has a series of home-made concoctions (like watermelon soda syrups) that will really impress.