Demitri's Feast

Tuesday 7:30am - 4:30pm
141 Swan Street Richmond
(03) 9428 8659

Greek food made by a Greek guy. That is the philosophy at Demitri’s Feast in Swan Street Richmond. Well, that along with a celebration of fresh, seasonal and organic produce.

Fresh, healthy and authentic Greek food is what you can expect here – if you don’t mind the wait that is; getting a table here is almost always a challenge. However, once seated (most likely on a giant olive oil tin cleverly transformed into a stool), a real feast is likely to follow.

The menu is made up of genuine Greek dishes and other modern classics with just a discrete nod towards a particular Mediterranean coast. The salmon to befriend your poached eggs will, of course, have been cured in ouzo; the French toast happily adorned with baklava; and the calamari souvlaki is filled with pickled peppers and an ouzo aioli .

Greek memorabilia line the walls, from ouzo bottles and furniture made from giant feta tins to postcards and miniature sculptures of Greek gods. The shady courtyard out the back is canopied with hanging plants and herbs and is a great spot to enjoy some crispy whitebait. It's not like being in Greece, but it's pretty close.


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