Coté Terra

7:00am - 4:00pm
17 Station Street Oakleigh 3166



A neat little lunch spot, Coté Terra is just around the corner from Oakleigh’s main strip. It’s a good alternative to the compulsory Greek cuisine you’ll find down Eaton Street and does quality coffee by Community Roasters, in both espresso and filter, with single-origin selections.

All-day breakfasts feature Noisette breads and classic egg options. Lunch offerings include gourmet sangas (a tempura pumpkin baguette with avocado, white sesame seeds and mayo is a standout) or slightly more involved dishes, such as pulled pork with apple and cabbage slaw, house-made barbecue sauce on a brioche bun.

With its comfortable neighbourhood atmosphere, Coté Terra is a great way to while away a quiet hour.