7am - 4pm
323 Lennox Street Richmond

As soon as this Lennox Street cafe opened in 2012, it was immediately teeming with cafe-goers. The instant success was unsurprising given the extensive cafe and coffee experience of business partners (and couple) Charlotte Devereux and Chris Handley. Handley was partner at Wall Two 80, while Devereux managed Seven Seeds and Batch Espresso for several years.

With Seven Seeds’ espresso blend in stock it almost goes without saying that the coffee is a knockout. On the food front, Cheerio offers a range of breakfast and lunch options that can satisfy almost any brunch group. For breakfast, there's tomato beans on sourdough; or roasted rhubarb porridge with macadamia nuts. For those who want to get an early start on lunch, a range of veggie and meaty sandwiches are available from 10am.

As you walk through Cheerio’s beautiful stained timber door and are welcomed with friendly smiles, it’s clear that there's a real no-fuss attitude. The interior design, by The Alpha Project, gives the cafe a crisp, yet cosy feel with white walls, light wood tables and natural light pouring from the main window.

Cheerio is perfect for brunch - but with only 15 seats in the house, getting in early is essential, especially given that it's still going just as strong as when it opened.


  • takeaway
  • notable coffee