Baker D. Chirico

8:00am - 5:00pm
149 Fitzroy Street St Kilda

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outdoor area

With staff that look like they should be working at Scanlan & Theodore, Baker (as it is affectionately known by its customers) is instantly recognisable for its great packaging. Luckily, the bakery’s style does not overshadow its substance – bread in Melbourne doesn’t get much better than this. The whole-wheat bread has nutritionists, food reviewers and enthusiasts flocking; you can’t get in the tiny shopfront (the sister store, in Faraday street Carlton isn't much better) at Easter for the crowds demanding fruit buns; and the nougat is so popular you can now get it at The Essential Ingredient stores.

With demand this high – and that’s before considering the orders from Melbourne’s best restaurants – the long baking hours provide the odd treat of a baked-fresh still-warm loaf mid-morning to take with you after you’ve devoured a raspberry frangipane tart and coffee.

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