All Day Donuts

8am - 10pm
12 Edward Street Brunswick 3056

There's no cash register at All Day Donuts. Ditto for menus, plates, and everything usually found at a cafe. Orders are simply delivered in cardboard trays (or cups, in the case of the potent filter coffee by Seven Seeds).

It's basic, but that's all part of its convivial charm, like the Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck eateries parked out back.

Behind the doughnuts, tacos and burgers is owner Raph Rashid, who's headquartered his three businesses in the same warehouse. All Day Donuts is a bright shop at the front, where a pastry chef pumps out five varieties of fresh doughnut on-demand.

Rashid says the dough is the focus. It's a good starting point, but weak knees come courtesy of the icings and fillings. Past hits have included lime brulee, coffee passionfruit, rose creme and milkberry rubble, though they're always changing.

At night, the venue transforms into Juanita Peaches to serve fried chicken and burgers.


  • cash only
  • takeaway
  • bakery