The Abbotsford Club

The Abbotsford Club

7:30am - 3:00pm
28 Grosvenor Street Abbotsford
(03) 9428 3148

The Abbotsford Club on Grosvenor Street is a savvy collaboration between coffee wholesaler Coffee Supreme and cafe operator Elaine So. Built into a corner of the Coffee Supreme warehouse, the cafe is a place to offer context to potential customers and to provide a cafe for local businesses and residents.

“We were originally going to run it ourselves but it’s not about what we do,” says Coffee Supreme director, Justin Emerson. “We’re actually more about the wholesale, roasting good espresso and helping other people make a success of their cafes.”

Enter old friend and colleague Elaine So, who owns Servery & Spoon in Malvern and My Sister Says in Port Melbourne. The tiny cafe, designed by So and Emerson, sells cakes made by So’s full-time pastry chef at Servery & Spoon, as well as a selection of sandwiches. But the focus here is on the coffee.

“We want to showcase the coffee, work together with Supreme, (and) provide people with a unique experience where they’re right in the middle of the roastery, in a pared back and relaxed place,” So explains. “It’s about the coffee, not about hanging out in the coolest place in town.”

Luckily we think coffee roasting warehouses are the coolest places in town.


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