Coffee Supreme Roastery and Cafe


coffee roasting on site

The moment you arrive at this roastery and cafe on Grosvenor Street, you can smell the beans.

The company was one of the earliest specialty roasters in Melbourne. For the New Zealand-born outfit, coffee is all about creating conversation. You needn't look further than the large communal table that encompasses most of the cafe to see this in action.

The team roasts daily using its very first roaster: a 12-kilogram Probat purchased back in 1986. The cafe rotates between five of the signature house blends, as well as offering single origins for espresso and filter, shipped from no more than 10 meters away. For food, there are easy options such as their well-known ham, cheese and tomato toasties.

If you want to join the Supreme flock, there are Barista Socks hanging on the wall to buy, alongside a variety of gear for brewing coffee at home.