Closed Today
Basement 113 Lonsdale Street Melbourne
(03) 96636363

In the basement underneath Seamstress is Sweatshop, the self-described “mischievous little brother”. It’s a small, dark, somewhat cramped space and could be anywhere in the world. The lights are dim and the decor is bare yet warm: there’s a lot of wood, a few candles, a bowl of fruit, racks of fabric bolts suspended from the ceiling and a bar ... but what a bar.

These guys know what they’re doing and they do it with enthusiasm and a total lack of pretension. The style here is a measured balance of tongue-in-cheek fun and dedication to mixing truly excellent drinks. Case in point: the cocktail list features “Drinks for Dorks and Geniuses” which includes four different kinds of West Coast Cooler, but you can be sure they’ll mix you a martini to rival any in the word, serve you a beer with no fuss, or a glass of bourbon whiskey straight up.

Although Sweatshop is only open on Fridays and Saturdays, it is available for functions the rest of the week



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