Graceburn Wine Room


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There are a lot of wineries in the Yarra Valley region. After a day of exploring, they all start to look pretty similar.

That’s when you head to Graceburn Wine Room. It’s a small cellar door space for Mac Forbes’s wine, seven kilometres from his vineyards. Situated conveniently in Healesville town centre, it’s a simple, relaxed space with concrete floors and one communal tasting table.

It’s different from anything else in the Yarra Valley. Friendly, passionate staff will take you through a tasting flight of Forbes’s wine, telling the story behind each of them.

There are no tasting notes available – it’s all up to your own interpretation. The three grades of riesling (RS10, RS29 and RS56) are a popular tasting option, as are the chardonnay and pinot noir. The experimental wines are a mix of traditional and playful styling. EB21 is made with candied-orange liqueur.

The wine room also serves specialty tea; cheese and crackers; and a list of wines made by friends in the area. There are no tasting notes for any of these, either.

Forbes, born and raised in the Yarra Valley, has a refreshing approach to winemaking. Rather than trying to emulate great wines of the past, he focuses on what makes each of his Yarra Valley vineyards unique.

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