GoGo Bar

GoGo Bar

5:00pm - 3:00am
Enter via Higson Lane 125 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000
(03) 8663 2020

When GoGo Bar first launched, it wasn’t much more than an overflow for Chin Chin upstairs. The bar was fine for a drink, but not particularly notable for the CBD.

That changed in mid-2016, when both venues got a refurb.

Chin Chin’s was mild. GoGo’s wasn't. Banquettes now run the length of one wall. There’s new brass lighting, a banging sound system and bars made of stone and copper. Where GoGo once felt like Chin Chin’s tired waiting room, now it feels like a VIP area.

The 10-seat booths can be booked in advance for bar snacks or the entire Chin Chin menu. It’s a quieter, classier way to enjoy an expert take on Thai classics.

Sommelier Philip Rich sources just a few cases of wine at a time from some of Australia’s smallest wineries to create an “almost daily wine list”. It explores less-common varieties such as cabernet franc (a black-grape varietal) and gewürztraminer (an aromatic white-wine grape).

Like upstairs, Asian-inflected cocktails are prepared with serious attention to detail. Expect a few options containing jackfruit, lemongrass, ginger and other Asian ingredients alongside rum, gin, absinthe and other aromatic spirits.



  • bar food
  • open late
  • notable wine list