Carwyn Cellars and The Back Room Bar

10:00am - 12:00am
877 High Street Thornbury


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When Ben Carwyn took over a humble bottleshop in 2007, he quickly built it into something much more. Today it offers some 200 beers, the best of local wine, top-shelf whisky and mezcal, Mexican groceries and a range of flavoured bitters.

The Back Room, his bar on the same premises, was established six years later, but it boasts similarly impressive numbers; 250 whiskies, 50 mezcals and a rotating roster of 16 draught beers. The list is always growing, too.

Carwyn runs the 50-patron space with help from manager Ben Duval. Both men grew up on wineries, and their continued passion for alcohol keeps the offerings ticking over. They buy just a single keg of beer or box of wine for the bar before moving onto the next exciting discovery.

Past that, there's a triple-vermouth negroni on tap, cheese and charcuterie boards, pizza delivered from The Moor's Head nearby, and a 2am license, though the bar rarely stays open that late.

(The Backroom Bar)
Mon to Sun: 12pm-late

Sun & Mon: 12pm-8pm
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