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To avoid being overwhelmed at Bosozoku, it’s important to understand the term. It’s the name for the culture around Japanese biker gangs. Also, for context, this bar is from the person also behind Pawn & Co, Bird Watching Society and Yoko Ono.

The former teppanyaki bar has been transformed into a pulsing, colourful “dirty Tokyo” behind Chapel Street and is a mishmash of colours, textures, artwork and ideas. It comes with a private games room with a Nintendo 64 and a karaoke room available for hire.

Chef Tomoya Kawasaki, formerly of Wabi Sabi is pumping out classic burgers with a Japanese twist. Bright orange pumpkin, black charcoal or green tea buns come with swordfish, teriyaki chicken or a vegetarian potato, edamame and coriander patty. They’re served in a bento box with gyoza, or chips with seaweed flakes and katsu curry topping.

Under the light of a glittering motorbike helmet disco ball, Bosozoku mixes alcoholic bubble-tea or cherry-blossom-infused gin. There is also Asahi on tap, Kellerman’s own Robot Ninja beers and Melbourne Bitter.