Bar Ampere

11:00am - 3:00am
16 Russell Place Melbourne


open late
notable spirits list
notable wine list

Bar Ampere is another uniquely themed and ingenious venue from the talented and dedicated entourage that run the already impressive empire (Madame Brussels, Collins Quarter and Gin Palace).

The venue is very Parisian in its product, with an outdoor alcove seating area for you to watch workers pass by in the alleyway while sipping on your espresso in the morning, or perhaps finishing the night with a pastis. The food offered ranges from small breakfast fare to generous bar snacks, which are available at all hours.

The drinks' list includes a strong line-up of European aperitifs and digestives, with a heavy presence of vermouth, amaro and absinthe. The wine list is a concise detail of good and great French varietals with very reasonable prices by the glass.

And that should really conclude an introduction to Bar Ampere. However, somehow, Vernon Chalker’s streaming, creative, hyper-conscious mind spawned a completely disconnected room (nicknamed the swamp room) that makes this bar a little magical. Walking past the bathroom, you step down into what can only be described as a New Orleans bayou. Dimly lit by only fairy lights, this undulating terrain (featuring a bar cut from a disused piano) is a refuge for enlightenment.

If you find you’re in the mood for a stirred martini you can exit through the secret rear door and be transport squarely into the middle of sister venue Gin Palace.