Of course, any proposals to help support the long-standing Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal are a blessing, but some just rise above and capture one’s imagination. The team at DriveNow, a site that aids travellers in finding and easily comparing the best online rates for car and campervan rental, is giving Melburnians the opportunity to win, at auction, the great Aussie Campervan holiday.

The package will put you on the road for seven days in your choice of campervan, motorhome or four wheel drive camper, with all bidding proceeds donated to a grand cause. The winner must have completed the travel by December 15 this year and the deal comes with a fully inclusive seven-day vehicle rental without petrol but with unlimited kilometres.

So we got thinking about what might be considered the preeminent road-warrior trip. Where to? Hit the highway and get loose. Break the shackles and drive, and keep driving, Thelma & Louise-style. Tim Mann, owner of the Grub Food Van can’t take his Iowa-born, eBay-purchased 1965 Airstream van on the road due to its fixed position, therefore he digs this DriveNow initiative.

“We’re permanently parked in Moor Street, but if we could take it on a road trip, ideally we’d follow the harvest trail,” he says. “We’re so dependent on the fresh produce from our greenhouse and local suppliers; this would see us camped with the farmers and their pickers, the seamen and their fish, the vintner with their grapes.”

Mann adds something of a romantic tinge to his dream trip, telling of how all the workers would be: “enjoying that knock-off drink after a hard day in the field, watching the sun go down by a river bank,” with all that toil behind them.

Then reality hits, but it’s a good reality – a cheeky one. “Likely though, we'd see ourselves at truck stops, which in itself could be rewarding as my boyfriend has a penchant for truckies,” he says. “Ah, the smell of diesel!”

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Betsy the Vintage Caravan businesswoman Felicity Young reckons that for her “ultimate road trip” in Betsy, her Caulfield-built 1957 Skyline Junior Bondwood van, she would “throw the road maps out the window, turn the GPS off, put on some tunes befitting Betsy and point the old girl north.”

The impresario behind mobile coffee carts Espresso Au Go Go and promotions business The Trigger Team, who hires out Betsy for vintage variety weddings, parties and basically anything that fits the bill in terms of nostalgia, informs that every road trip needs a mission.

“Mine would be to find the best ham steak with pineapple that the east coast hospitality has to offer,” says Young. “We would travel through mountain ranges, check out the surf and meander through North Queensland cane fields while singing out loud to the Go-Betweens.”

From Betsy the “happy mobile” to the charming Grub Food Van, it begs the question: where would you take your DriveNow campervan cruiser if you were the highest bidder? Take it anywhere you want. Bid today.