Love isn’t all about romance. Your love for your mum, best friend, dog or even croissants is as worth celebrating as your love for a partner.

This idea resonated with best friends Ruby Pilven and Vivienne Hollingsworth. So the duo came up with "Lovers' Day" to give Melburnians a way to celebrate all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day.

“We’re both single and we just thought – single people deserve presents too!” says Pilven, laughing. “It’s nice to be able to celebrate all your lovers.”

Hollingsworth is the florist behind a new business, Flos Botanical, and Pilven is a ceramic artist from Ballarat. They have combined their talents and created non-kitsch Lovers' Day gift boxes that feature a handmade porcelain pendant with a bunch of fragrant seasonal blooms. The pair will deliver them on Sunday morning.

The Flos Botanical X Ruby Pilven gift boxes are $85. Orders must be finalised by 6pm on Friday February 12. Delivery is only available to selected suburbs.

For more information and to place your order, visit