What better way to break down a taboo, like the one surrounding vaginas, than to make the subject into a calendar? When you look at one every day of the year, you’ll quickly realise the sight of a vagina isn’t so confronting after all. And it will certainly make for more interesting water-cooler conversation at work compared with that calendar of puppies.

First an exhibition and book by photographer Philip Werner, 101 Vaginas told the story of, you guessed it, 101 vaginas, with a portrait and an accompanying anecdote or story from each woman photographed. The 2015 calendar will feature 12 of the photos with a message written by the women photographed superimposed over each vagina. Werner has previously said: “Someone’s had their legs crossed for their entire life and to come to a place where the issue can be opened up is very powerful for a lot of people.”

Young girls are rarely shown how varied vaginas are and grow up worried they may not look “normal”. This has long-lasting effects, from feeling embarrassed to have intercourse, to wanting labiaplasty – or vaginal reconstruction – a procedure that is increasingly popular in Australia. The calendar aims to celebrate uniqueness and to share stories.

If you’re concerned about other body parts being left out, 101 Penis and 101 Breasts are in progress.

The calendar is available online at 101vagina.com/calendar.

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