Melbourne’s independent theatre scene is the largest and most active in the country. Navigating your way though the multitude of options can be a daunting task. Theatre Alive – an online portal to the city’s independent performing arts scene – recognised this and in response has launched a new project inviting theatregoers to contribute short reviews alongside vox pops from fellow audience members.

The reviews, published on the Theatre Alive website, provide a unique insight into current shows, replicating the ‘word on the street’ vibe and giving readers honest, unbiased opinions. The site operates on the principle that members and supporters of the performing arts scene all contribute content to share with the community.

To contribute is easy. All you have to do is provide a short (up to 100 words) review of one of the shows listed on the website along with three vox pops from fellow audience members. In exchange you receive two complimentary passes. Everyone wins.

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