The creators behind Melbourne zine Ladies of Leisure (LOL) have teamed up with Pieces 4 Places (P4P), artist and collector Elena King’s curated online store of emerging artists’ work, for a temporary retail space in Fitzroy and a series of industry mentor workshops.

P4P x LOL (as the shop is known) will host a series of evening discussion sessions around “WORK”. Its weekend “PLAY” sessions are craft workshops. It’s a chance to gather wisdom from women at The Good Copy, i-D, Vice, ACCA, Third Drawer Down and Sister Studios, as well as Broadsheet’s own director of operations, Stephanie Goldwater. The gatherings are designed by women, for women (though not limited to women!) as a safe place to learn, grow and develop.

LOL’s creative director Savannah Anand-Sobti knew it was a natural progression for the zine to introduce workshops. “I want the LOL workshops to be a place where women can meet like-minded ladies outside of their comfortable friendship group,” she says. “Sometimes you need a friend or role model to push and excite you, not comfort you.

“I have friends who are absolutely terrified of the idea of networking,” she says. “On the internet we’re alright with owning the things we make, roles we have and things we do. But face-to-face, we sometimes cower away from proudly letting people know. It’s not arrogant to chat to people about what you do and ideas you’ve had.”

The P4P x LOL workshops are the perfect way to get back to basics, enabling women to interact, connect and create together, providing skills and networks to boost their personal development.

“By introducing a remarkable woman to a group of aspiring women, I hope that they’ll see that they are totally capable of doing it themselves,” says Anand-Sobti. “In order to, they too just have to go on their own journey, work really hard and be passionate about it.”

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While you’re in the store, look out for a range of ceramics, prints and artistic works from Jessilla Rogers, Seb Brown, Alice Oehr, Rittle King, Elise Wilken and Mel D’Allessandro.

P4P x LOL will run as a temporary store and workshop space at 155 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy from Saturday September 26 to Monday October 11.