The cover of the inaugural January Biannual speaks volumes about the Melbourne-based journal’s anomalous missive. All but blank, the soft, woven, off-white cover stock reveals only the washed-out typeface of its title and compact, alphabetical inventory of those featured within.

The list of subjects reveals a little more. Photographers Amos Fricke, Leo Fabrizio and the legendary Andreas Gursky; the fragile, impossibly detailed three-dimensional fabric works of Japanese installation artist Akiko Ikeuchi; an insightful interview with lauded Australian Meryl Tankard; and the vibrant collaborative work of iconoclastic Australian fashion designers Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson all share space in this beautifully presented journal.

Indeed, January’s focus rests well outside of the bounds of trends and the cult of the new. Officially launched last night at Dear Patti Smith in Fitzroy and run by a small creative team – fronted by Creative Director Pouline Töpfer, Art Director Olivia Nicholas, Managing Editor Mark Giuffre and Editor Christian McQueen – the publication’s gaze stretches much further afield. Bestowing no privilege on old or new, past or present, local or international, January hangs its hat on beauty, intelligence and timelessness, no matter its place or era.

In the digital age, this stunning publication poetically espouses the worthiness of the printed form as communicator of beauty, inspiration and ideas. It is a stunning addition to the local and international publishing landscape

January Biannual is available at selected stores.