Whether you're buying an outfit or just ordering a coffee – remember to stop and look around you. Melbourne has had high design expectations for some years now, but lately we're seeing ingenuity and creativity becoming not just an exception in our everyday spaces, but a new standard.

While Edison light bulbs and white tiles might have defined recent years, now we're adapting unusual spaces (in unassuming backstreets, or even underground) and creating sunnier, airy interiors thanks to high ceilings, big windows and skylights.

For our upcoming autumn print issue (to hit the streets in early March), we'll be speaking to a number of high-profile designers, architects, restaurateurs and cafe owners to find out why Melbourne looks the way it does, where these trends come from and how things will change in 2015.

In the meantime, here are some of our favourite interior spaces in Melbourne from the past few months, spanning cafes, restaurants and bars.