Last year we introduced some friends from the creative industries who use MyBroadsheet presented by Mercedes Benz to share and save their favourite stories. This year we meet a few more, from an object and furniture designer, to an artist.

Sydney: Henry Wilson – Henry Wilson Studio
For object and furniture designer Henry Wilson, the day-to-day is very much in tune with the “ethical and human-centred design” that he employs. Growing up in Sydney, there was never any doubt that the young creative wanted to do something hands on. His time spent at the Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands – a highly regarded university pushing innovation and conceptual design – had a great influence on his considered, intellectual approach to design. He’s looking forward to visiting the James Turrell exhibition in Canberra, loved reading about Benja Harney (a paper artist) and will be eating at the newly opened Billy Kwong in Potts Point when he gets the chance. See what else he likes in Sydney on his MyBroadsheet profile.

Sydney: Kelvin Ho – Akin Creative
You may not know it, but if you’ve got even a passing interest in fashion in this country, you’ve experienced Kelvin Ho’s work. From Dion Lee’s first store in the Strand Arcade, to A.P.C.’s Melbourne outpost and dozens of spaces between, Ho has shaped the way we interact with our favourite brands. The founder of Akin Creative, the Sydney design practice responsible for translating the visions of the country’s most renowned fashion brands into retail spaces, has a client base that includes Willow, Lover, Bassike, Incu and Vanishing Elephant. To pick up new threads, Ho likes Meanwhile boutique and for a classic cinema experience he heads to Golden Age Cinema & Bar. To see where he likes to dine, check out his MyBroadsheet profile.

Melbourne: Jackson Slattery – Artist
Best known for his meticulously detailed watercolours, Melbourne-born, Montreal-based artist Jackson Slattery doesn’t just paint. He’s an artist who probes a little deeper, presses buttons he maybe shouldn’t and then captures those moments in explicit detail. His photorealist watercolours are infused with this curiosity. Whether a balloon about to pop or a rose behind opaque glass, Slattery’s technique captures the transitory moment with a skilful and accurate grace. These fleeting moments are at times dramatic but often poignant and defy their initial read. An RMIT graduate and former Metro Art Award -winner, Slattery is represented by Sutton Gallery in Melbourne. Slattery likes browsing Perimeter books and gets coffee from Everyday Coffee or Milkwood. See where else he frequents on his MyBroadsheet profile.

Melbourne: Adele Winteridge – Foolscap Studio
Adele Winteridge founded Foolscap Studio, a multidisciplinary design and concept firm focusing on thought-provoking, experiential design. Winteridge’s approach at Foolscap Studio is to create immersive experiences that are the result of a deep investigation into the relevant narratives that surround its clients’ brands. Winteridge’s expanding portfolio includes everything from retail and hospitality fit-outs, to temporary event spaces, pop-up bars and product design. Recently, Foolscap completed the fit-out for Shortstop Coffee & Donuts using blond wood and glass to construct a smart, open space themed with a circle motif. Winteridge likes visiting Heide Museum of Modern Art, shops at Mr Kitly and one of her favourite restaurants is Uncle. See Winteridge’s Melbourne on her MyBroadsheet profile.

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