Winter is over now and, as always, we’re finding Melbourne to be buzzing. So we thought it was time for a new print edition to hit the streets.

Spring is always a busy time for the arts in Melbourne with the Arts Festival running throughout October, the NGV hosting American artist Harrell Fletcher and design festival Semi Permanent on this weekend.

The new Compound Interest is well and truly open, with a collection of the city’s creative community all together under one roof in Collingwood. On the other side of the river, Dan Hale from Shifter Bikes talks about the rise and looming fall of fix speed bikes.

On the food front, Nicholas Poelaert from Embrasse shares his recipe for steamed octopus, while our spring directory features some of our favourite new cafe, shop, restaurants and bars that have opened recently, including a feature on Pope Joan.

This is just some of the great reading in our spring issue, so look out for it around town. And we’re always eager to know what you think on Facebook and Twitter, or shoot us an email at

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