The You’re Welcome Show is a fundraiser raffle night for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. It might seem like a pricey ticket at $100 a pop, but it’s worth every cent because every ticketholder wins a piece of art.

If that doesn’t sound much like a raffle to you, fear not, it’s still a gamble. Some work is valued in the hundreds, others in the thousands. If you are lucky, your hundred-dollar ticket might be transformed into an original Oslo Davis. If not, you are guaranteed to walk away with something worth what you paid at the very least, and on top of that, the money will go to an excellent cause.

The work is all original and Australian. The participating 100 artists include Dylan Martorell, Emily Ferretti, Oslo Davis, Thomas Jeppe, Tristian Ceddia, Rhys Lee, Adam Cruickshank and 93 more. With diverse backgrounds and credentials, the art ranges from line drawing to collage, linocut, short-run screen prints and photography.

All proceeds will go to the non-profit Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, which, since 2001, has provided aid and assistance to asylum seekers who do not have access to Medicare, Centrelink or the right to work. Their 25 programs include a food bank, material aid, counselling, health care, legal aid and education services in Victoria.

Non-ticket holders are also invited to attend.

When: Sunday July 24, 3pm–6pm
Where: Mars Gallery, 418 Bay Street, Port Melbourne
Cost: $100

RSVP via Facebook.