Moving on is never easy, but for James Deutsher and Christopher L G Hill, it's just part of the plan. Well, the Y3K one that is. Both artists conceived of a two year project back in 2009 that would seek to establish a new creative platform, a kind of cornucopia of artistic output. Its final show, Inaugural Melbourne Biennale of International Arts, is on until June 4. This non-formal collaboration between local and international artists includes Hany Armanious, who is representing Australia for the upcoming Venice Biennale.

Even if you’ve never dropped in to visit, the Y3K blog provides democratic access to the artistic process: “We wanted to run a space that takes responsibility for a strong program of exhibitions while maintaining the flexibility and openness that more structured galleries at private and public level have difficulty achieving,” say the boys. Envisioning a niche, James and Christopher wanted to open discourses outside of and including commerce for art.

Asked to reflect on their most 'successful' show, they point to Nikos Pantazopoulos and Ardi Gunawan's Desperate Exhibition Making Techniques. A glance at the video posted on the blog for August 2010 demonstrates a bluntly satirical slant, where light-hearted play is encouraged. And maybe that's what the owners like about other art spaces like Melbourne's Clubs Project Inc., and internationals like House of GaGa (Mexico), Gambia Castle (NZ), Willy Wonka (Norway) and Gonzales Y Gonzales (Chile), all underlined as inspirations.

The gallery in its current form is coming to final close later this week and “The beauty of Y3K is that there is nothing next,” the boys say, which feels a resolute ending to an undoubtedly personal project for the two artists.

The last show at Y3K, Inaugural Melbourne Biennale of International Arts, will run until June 4.