We’re all for brown paper packages tied up with string, but if you’d like to do a little better when wrapping presents, here’s a guide to making a colourful present topper that will blow everyone else’s efforts out from under the tree.

Feel free to customise to the colour or theme of your wrapping and presents. It's oversized and playful and will make giving the gift itself even more fun.

Mega Present Topper

What you'll need:
1 piece each of black, white, and pink cardboard Note: For the cardboard I used the large, rectangular sheets that you can purchase at any newsagent, Officeworks or art store.
Cutting mat
Cutting knife or scissors
Glue gun

Cut the cardboard sheets into 5cm wide strips along the long edge. Cut one pink and one white strip in half and trim one end of each in a flag shape.

Curl the end of one pink strip under until it forms a cone. Stick the end back onto the strip using hot glue. Trim the excess strip with the cutting knife or scissors.

Repeat step 2 with another pink strip.

Use hot glue to stick the two cone pieces together, with points facing out to form a segment. Make sure you leave enough room in between each cone for other segments to be stuck later on.

Repeat steps 2-4 until you have 2 pink segments, 2 black segments, and 1 white segment.

Glue a black segment on top of the pink one, at a slight perpendicular angle, then a white one on top of that.

Glue another pink segment on top of the white one, again shifting the angle slightly and finally a black one on top of that. These should form a star shape.

Cut a short segment of white card from one of the larger leftover strips and glue it into a loop. Stick the loop in the middle of the star.

Turn the present topper over and stick the flag-shaped pieces to the back. To finish, stick a black strip of card over the top, perpendicular to the flag pieces. You can wrap the black strip around the present and fasten with tape. Use a longer strip if you have a bigger present.