Spun into existence off Errol Street in North Melbourne with a fit out by artist Jess Johnson of Hell Gallery, offbeat record-comic-coffee shop Wooly Bully opens today, named after the eccentric 1965 chart-topping sensation by Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs.

As the song Wooly Bully’s lyrics suggest, “let’s not be L-7’s”. That is, if you make the L shape with one hand and a seven on the other, you get what you certainly shouldn’t be at the Wooly Bully shop: square. Stocking a selected range of LPs and 7” vinyl covering a wide range of genres – think garage, punk, “weird stuff”, pop, country and some classic curveballs – Wooly Bully is adamant about keeping things, well, Wooly Bully. And so while you may find local cassette tapes for your dusty old Walkman next to the records, you may as well forget about your Discman; Wooly Bully stocks no CDs.

The Wooly Bully comics catalogue involves “vintage freak-out kooks, classic and contemporary undergrounds, and mostly in single issue format… one-shots and series” in addition to trade paperback comics, graphic novels, some books and a few magazines.

Beyond merchandise, Wooly Bully offer fresh cups of Supreme Coffee and some organic and locally sourced produce from the morning until close.

In cahoots with the team behind Wooly Bully, Super Wild Horses will play in-store at 6pm on their first day of business on Errol Street (tonight!).

Wooly Bully
104 Errol Street, North Melbourne

Mon 9am–6pm
Wed-Thu 9am–6pm
Fri 9am–7pm
Sat-Sun 9am–6pm