Ceramic function meets natural form at Bridget Bodenham and Yu Kobayashi’s joint ceramic exhibition, which launched at the gorgeous Mr Kitly over the weekend.

For those who don’t know, Mr Kitly is a store and gallery space tucked away atop a shop in Brunswick. It’s a little haven perched above the busy street, where potted greenery punctuates the delicate ceramics, art and design books, jewellery and Japanese homewares for sale.

The exhibition is centred upon the Zen saying ‘yanagi wa midori, hana wa kurenai’ (‘willows are green, flowers are crimson’), which reminds us to not take the blossoming of spring for granted and to stop and appreciate the beauty of change. Imbedded in this aphorism is also the message that things have their individual charm (jibun no iro). In this exhibition, the two artists represent yanagi and hana (willow and flowers); each artist with their own individuality, beauty and truth.

Both Bodenham and Kobayashi work among natural surroundings. Bodenham’s Hepburn Springs studio is surrounded by eucalyptus and wildlife, while from Kobayashi’s home in Japan she walks daily through a grove of pine trees separating her house from the ocean, from where she can see Mt Fuji. As a result, both artists create ceramic pieces imbued with a deep appreciation for the profundity of nature, whilst also delighting in a light, playful approach to the ceramic form.

Dedicated to ceramic work, all things Japanese and decorated with plant life, Mr Kitly could not be a better setting for this delicate exhibition.

Yanagi Wa Midori, Hana Wa Kurenai runs until Sunday the August 26 at Mr Kitly.

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