Many people today turn to the internet when in doubt, if they’re sick they Google symptoms rather than asking a doctor, they type questions into the search bar, or look for a YouTube clip giving detailed explanations on how to assemble their new IKEA dining table or fix the error on their iPhone. But Australian writer and journalist, Barbara Toner, is offering an old school solution on what do to about…well everything. Rather than getting a generic, unemotional response from your computer, Toner has written a personable manual for domestic life.

As there is no longer a normal or average household, problems around the home and family are becoming much more complex, and how to solve a dilemma is becoming more and more tricky. The advice offered to us by mothers and grandmothers may not always apply as it did in the days when life was less cluttered, back when an average household consisted of a man and his wife with two children and perfectly cut green grass. While home remedies and secret recipes may have come in handy, Toner offers something more; touching on societal issues about how to deal with divorce, speed dating, energy consumption and debt.

As our roles become increasingly dense we seem to be time, cash, and energy poor, struggling to be free from it all with little solutions available What To Do About Everything simplifies such dilemmas and proposes simple answers to all these tricky predicaments. Combining personal experience and expert advice Barbara Toner guides us through the little things: folding a T-shirt and making the perfect cuppa, handling a hang over and changing a tyre, to the bigger things: buying and selling houses, managing money and divorce, dealing with debt and having babies.

Toner’s personable and witty writing style feels like a friend offering advice in a time of need, some comforting words of experience for the twenty-first century household.

What to Do About Everything by Barbara Toner will be released in Australia on February 1.