I’d like to welcome Studio Round, who will be editing Broadsheet this week as the first in an ongoing series of guest-editors. The idea behind this series is to create opportunities for us to collaborate with people we admire and to gain their unique perspectives of life in Melbourne.

We asked the team at Round if they would lend their eye and point-of-view to Broadsheet for the week and put together a collection of articles about their community and the people and places that inspire them.

Round made perfect sense to us as the inaugural guest-editors. It’s a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Flinders Lane and has been involved in Broadsheet since day one, having designed everything from our logo, to the website and print editions’ look and feel.

Run by Robert Nudds and Michaela Webb together with a team of four, Round are (graphic) designers of the very highest quality. Their client list is a line up of the city’s top cultural operations including the National Gallery of Victoria, the Anna Schwartz Gallery,as well as some of our favourite Melbourne restaurants such as Cutler & Co and Port Phillip Estate.

We hope you enjoy the edit they’ve put together.

Nick Shelton
- Publisher

From Round:

At Studio Round we are fortunate to be very close to Broadsheet. We designed the logo and website and know its content well. We also share our studio with editor Nick Shelton, so are constantly reminded about Nick's insightful and informative take on Melbourne. Our take on editing Broadsheet is also a personal one. We have profiled people that are passionate about what they do and inspire us and shown places that are part of our community.

During the week you will read about Nick Barratt, who has an absolute passion for chairs and is fastidious about the detail and craft of furniture design and making. We have also travelled to Sparta Place in Brunswick, the home of new Melbourne fashion label Ok Ok, to check out Emina Dzananovic's new range and to see what else is happening in the old Hardwick building.

Our Creative Director Michaela Webb has interviewed Lou Weis, Artistic Director of the State of Design Festival. They talk about 2010's theme 'design for change' and how Lou plans to engage the design industry and general public alike. We have listed the events we think will be well worth checking out.

We are a studio of bike riders and coffee drinkers, so have shown the different routes we take to work and the cafes that feed our habits and force us to stop along the way for one reason or another.

We hope you enjoy reading about 'our' Melbourne on Broadsheet this week.