If Hans Wegner is your design idol and you dream of the simple, modernist lines of the PH-lamp, don’t sleep on Northern Lights, a competition for young Australian designers with an eye for Nordic style and functionality.

Premier design and architecture event designEX, along with Copenhagen design house &Tradition and eminent local collector ad purveyor of Scandinavian furniture Great Dane, are helping emerging Australian talent have their work recognised on an international stage.

Here’s the brief: young designers (entrants must be 35 and under) are invited to develop an iconic pendant light design that would fit both residential and contract markets. The product must work individually and as part of a collection, and consider important manufacturing elements, including ease of production on a mass scale.

Five finalists will have their designs 3D printed and the prototypes will be showcased at designEX in Melbourne from May 30 to June 1, with the winner decided by a panel of judges from the design industry.

The reward is sweet: the winner gets a free trip to Denmark and guaranteed production by the prestigious manufacturer &Tradition.

Suffice to say, it’s great to see design leader &Tradition looking to the Australian market for emerging talent and Great Dane supporting local creators.

The competition closes on April 30, so time to buy a new notepad and get inspired. For full details on how to enter, click here.