Grolsch beer are following up last year’s Grolsch Grid project by teaming up with their fellow Dutchmen VANMOOF to create their very own bicycle. The brainchild of brothers Taco and Tied Carlier, VANMOOF celebrates the Dutch love of bicycles with urban-proof bikes. Their designs are ready for city life, made out of lightweight aluminium and stripped of all non-essentials.

Given this focus on urban needs, Grolsch challenged VANMOOF to design a unique commuter bike to celebrate the arrival in Australia of Grolsch Draught. The three-geared customised bikes have green mudguards and, most importantly, a specially designed front case able to carry 24 Grolsch beers.

The bikes won’t be found in shops; instead, 15 venues around town – including Transport, Public House and Silk Road – are showcasing them, often in unexpected places. They also aren’t for sale, but can be won by purchasing a Grolsch Draught at participating venues. As if we needed further encouragement to have an end-of-day beer.

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