un Magazine has long been one of Melbourne and wider Australia’s key access points to some of the more lively strains of contemporary art discourse. With its rotating editorship, the journal has given voice and page space to an array of Australia’s leading curators, artists, art critics and writers.

The latest edition is the second helmed by Dr Kyla McFarlane of the Centre for Contemporary Photography and, with the help of Patrice Sharkey, gathers a host of artists and writers to consider the intersections between art and architecture, “as both built form and metaphor” as McFarlane puts it in the editorial.

With spectacular cover art from Nathan Gray and contributions from Brad Haylock, Liang Luscombe, Dylan Rainforth, Kyle Weise and Leon Goh among others, the issue has several highlights. Tom Melick’s interview with David Harris (aka DJ Toecutter) is a fascinating discussion on he and partner Phoebe Torzillo’s decision to isolate themselves from city life to build and live in a yurt (a kind of portable, tent-like dwelling common to the nomadic peoples of northwest China). Also of interest is an incisive conversation on Bridie Lunney’s brilliant, collaborative Suspension Test exhibition at Conical earlier this year, along with a new series of collaborative artworks by Sydney photo artist Max Creasy and architect John Wardle.

It’s all set to launch with one heck of a party at West Space tonight, featuring performances by Guy and Marcus Blackman, Experimentation and Sleepless Nights.

un Magazine launches tonight (Friday November 25) from 7pm to 9pm at West Space. Entry is free, as is the mag.


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