Bad Driving is a collection of photographs capturing the comical evidence of bad drivers – a misplaced letterbox lying pathetically on the ground; a pole bent perpendicular to the pavement; a garage door warped like a crushed paper cup. The kinds of things you’d walk past in the street, point out to your friends and giggle.

Louis Porter, a British-born photographer who now lives in Melbourne, describes these as part of his “very small-scale suburban conflict photography”. You won’t find any trauma or drama in his work. There are no cars and no people so you can let your imagination decide how and why that once straight pole is now curved like a Twistie.

These colour-saturated photos demonstrate Louis’ ability to depict both humor and insight in the one photo.

Observable Universe takes us into the happily overactive mind of Bangkok-born illustrator Unchalee Anantawat. The book is a collection of her original illustrations done primarily in texta.

Unchalee has exhibited throughout Australia and Thailand, both as a solo artist and as part of Melbourne-based audio-visual collective Tape Projects. Themes of otherworldly intimacy resonate strongly through her work. She likes to draw her extraterrestrial friends – think pink tentacles sprouting from a curvaceous purple woman; a scaled couple sitting quietly next to each other, his beehive-shaped head close to hers. They are beautiful, soulful albeit quirky images. The characters are not static but fluid and interactive as Unchalee takes us into her dream-like psychedelic world.

Bad Driving and Observable Universe are both printed in limited runs of 500 copies by Erm Books.

The launch is from 6-8pm on Tuesday May 10 at Metropolis Bookshop.