What kind of man are you? Do you have good manners? Do you know correct etiquette? More importantly, do you use it? Ignorance may be bliss, but arrogance is not polite. Awareness plays a big part in manners and etiquette and having a lack of awareness can be easily misconstrued as lack of manners or rudeness, so here’s some brief advice on the issue.

Do you walk on the curb side of the footpath when walking with your loved one or if escorting a lady back to her car or office/apartment? Should the car hit a puddle, splashing dirty road water on to pedestrians on the footpath, you will protect your company from sullying their footwear. It is polite you see, gentlemanly, and perhaps the modern equivalent of the coat over a puddle. It also gives you a chance to display your chivalry and in the process (at least) hint at your protective nature without having to spell it out. And what have you done; simply walked closer to the curb than they have. Easy.

In a world of equality, chivalry still goes a long way and is still very much appreciated; being a gentleman still carries a lot of weight. But don’t confuse being a gentleman with drinking scotch and smoking cigars, don’t confuse it with tailored suits and British racing green Jaguars. They are all nice things, very nice things actually, but being a gentleman is being considerate of those around you, it’s holding a seat, fetching your partner’s coat and offering a clean handkerchief when necessary.

And it’s not being told to do such things.

Manners aren’t old fashioned and using them isn’t brown nosing; you’ll be able to tell the difference should you see or do so. Do these things because, well just because, don’t make a big deal of it and do it all the time, not just on date night.

I’m not suggesting that it’s lost or forgotten, this comes simply as a timely reminder.

Thank you, kind regards.

Some simple rules of etiquette that are easy but are still often forgotten:

Offer your seat on the bus, tram or train.

Wait for every one to alight before you board public transport.

Open the door and hold the door for others in public, restaurants, shops etc. Don’t over do it, your party and anyone who’s waiting is enough.

Learn how to change a tyre if you don’t know already. A lot of us pretend to know what happens underneath the bonnet of a car, but you can at least be prepared for a flat, and you’ll feel like you’ve completed a manly pursuit.

Acknowledge other drivers. A simple wave says so much.