“The idea to do the series of portraits came from wanting to create something that was intense both visually and emotionally,” says Alexander. “For me, people close up, are always the most intriguing subjects. Mia is a pretty incredible photographer and I'd seen and loved her portrait shots before we worked together so working with her on the concept was such a pleasure.”

Aimed at exploring intimacy, vulnerability and personal expression, the subjects were given free reign to interact with Skinny Nelson garments and fabrics rolls and then take their interpretation to the set to be photographed in a way that expressed their individuality. “For some it was dance, for some it was construction and for others it was simply just being. It was pretty amazing to see how much can come out of one person and how differently people can interpret something as simple as a t-shirt,” Alexander comments.

The 15 subjects vary in age, sex, looks and professions including a fortune teller, a model, a musician, a dancer, and an indigenous activist. “The studio became a very intimate space as each individual took us into their world,” Alexander continues. “We were hypnotised by Shian's dancing, stood amazed as Emman constructed a haute couture garment out of t-shirts and wire, and got on our hands and knees to fight the dragons and climb the volcanoes with our four year old subject.”

A collaboration between two artists, both designer and photographer choose people who inspired them. “There is a common energy or ‘thread’ that runs between the subjects. They’re all imaginative and open, which was really important for such an expressive shoot,” Alexander says.

Thread opens on October 7 at Somewhere Store and Gallery and runs until October 28.