Perhaps you’ve been to the Great Dane showroom and bought yourself some quality Scandinavian furniture to kit out your home or studio, but sometimes a little extra is needed to make your space feel a little more homely and lived in. This is where TheSuperCool team and their home-decorating wares come in. The first to collaborate with Great Dane in a loading dock space behind the new Fitzroy showroom, TheSuperCool are dedicated to bringing you cheery decorative objects that will make your humdrum home into a super cool space.

Co-owner Kate Vandermeer describes TheSuperCool’s products as “a bit raw, a bit undone and unexpected”, much like the space they are currently inhabiting, which they have renamed The Mezzanine. And like Great Dane, TheSuperCool possess a clear attention to detail. Their diverse mix of new, handmade and vintage bits and bobs is anything but by the numbers.

While Great Dane’s aesthetic is simple and almost minimalist, it is easy to see how TheSuperCool wares fit in. Items have been sourced from all over the world and their decorative qualities seem a logical extension to the functional wares in the Great Dane showroom.

Whether you are after postcards from Madrid or an up-cycled cushion made from woollen patchwork blankets, TheSuperCool team have you covered. And while Vandermeer admits her own house looks more like a stockroom at the moment, she and partner Noonie have certainly done a good job turning an unused loading dock into a grown-up playroom of sorts.

Although TheSuperCool have made their name as a mobile emporium, April will see them expanding into the online realm. With a six-week stint at Great Dane and an appearance at the mid-April Finders Keepers Market, these two will certainly be kept busy in the months to come.

TheSuperCool at Great Dane runs from Friday March 30 until Sunday May 20.

TheSuperCool at Great Dane Fitzroy
175 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

Thu to Sat 10am–4pm
Sun 11am–4pm