We’re trying our hand at a project onstage and in the theatres around Melbourne. For the next month, Broadsheet is collaborating with Theatre Alive to highlight the best in independent theatre this spring. As Melbourne’s online source for independent theatre, Theatre Alive is the go-to guide for professional independent theatre in Melbourne, covering upcoming productions, profiles on theatre companies, venues, dramatic news and reviews. Broadsheet will be covering the Melbourne scene via The Theatre Post.

Articles will include behind-the-scenes insights from actors as well as those not onstage, such as lighting techies and stage production managers. We’re also going to speak to some roving reporters who regularly review theatre to get the word on what it all entails. We’ll chat to some of the bigwigs in independent theatre about the new kids on the block and who they think are doing great things, and where to get a drink or dinner before or after the show.

There’s so much going on at the moment with the Fringe Festival beginning today and the Melbourne Festival following hot on its heels. As the best place to find out about all theatrical goings on this spring, check the Theatre Alive website for regular updates on The Theatre Post. Head over there now to read about Chamber Made Opera, our top picks for spring theatre and more.