Lunchbreak, the new surfing short from Fran Derham and Clare Plueckhahn (aka Cos We Can), the ladies behind local surf doco First Love, turns an old surfing legend on its head.

It is said that Da Hui, the all-male surfing brotherhood from Oahu, Hawaii, are so possessive of their breaks, that they need only call ‘lunchbreak’ for outsiders enjoying the waves to run for the hills (or indeed surrounding sand dunes).

This was the premise of Lunchbreak, a fictional film steeped in reality and designed to capture epic action-shots with an interesting storyline, a feature often lacking in traditional surf films.

Filmed in Pottsville, northern NSW, the movie incorporates an all-female cast, challenging the notion that surfing is for boys alone. “The film reflects what's happening in the surf industry at the moment,” says Plueckhahn. “Girls are surfing better than ever and are giving the men a run for their money”. The film also shows that no matter who you are, there will always be someone biting at your heels.

While the performances are not exactly Oscar-worthy (the film’s stars are not actors after all, but accomplished surfers such as world number 10 Laura Enever and world number 19 Felicity Palmateer), this adds to the charm of the piece. Backed by a stunning landscape and music by Brisbane bands Teleprompter, Tonite Only and French electronic band Jupiter, it is hard not to be endeared by this local short.

Lunchbreak premiere’s online this Thursday (September 1) here.

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