In a city with a burgeoning urban lifestyle, where the weather’s volatility is always reliable material for small talk, gardening isn’t the most natural Melbourne hobby. So the succulent, which requires infrequent watering and little in the way of complex maintenance, may be the perfect plant for us.

We’re certainly not the only ones who think so. In recent years, the art of succulent gardening has become a popular pursuit for urban-dwellers who have killed their fair share of indoor plants. Florists have cottoned on too, hawking limp cacti at overinflated prices at markets and city centres. But Livingstone and GroSome succulents are the real deal.

GroSome has existed in different incarnations across Melbourne – from Queen Vic to Rose Street Markets – but the newsstand has been home since September. Livingstone grows all the plants at his Murrumbeena nursery before carefully carting them into town, often by public transport.

Along with a huge variety of robust cacti in every imaginable colour and shape, Livingstone can kit you out with bonsais and terrariums, which he’s touting as the next big thing in the succulent world. Perhaps some of his best sellers are his mini cacti pots (available with a mini-stand to sit atop your work desk) and cacti fridge magnets, not to forget his unique ‘living necklaces’, an exceptional gift idea that will literally grow on the wearer for years to come.

Reasonably priced and sold with Livingstone’s detailed care instructions and horticultural advice, GroSome Succulents is worth a stop for succulent beginners and collectors alike.

GroSome Succulents
City Square (across from Starbucks), Corner Swanston and Collins Streets

Daily 11.30am–7.30pm