That beautiful spring weather is coming, and – what perfect timing – our brand new spring print edition is out now, so you can have something to read while you enjoy the sunshine.

In our 19th edition, we got to know people in Melbourne who follow their own instincts, even if popular trends and outside voices are pushing a more conventional route.

Our cover story by Cam O'Keefe features five passionate, young Melbourne sommeliers and taste-makers in wine, each blowing the dust off the way this city is drinking in their own way. In an industry known for being stuffy and conservative, they’re each pushing to make wine fun again; as well as less about the sommelier’s ego, and more about you.

Speaking of the unconventional, in celebration of its 80th anniversary and the beginning of our proud media partnership, we roam the lush grounds of Heide with gallery director, Jason Smith, and dig up some of the more bizarre tales of the gallery’s strange and wonderful history. Heide, however, has more than just a fascinating past. Constantly growing and reinventing itself, an exciting future lies just ahead.

Just off the plane from her world tour, we meet Courtney Barnett and the Milk! Records crew for a breather at a cafe in Thornbury to chat about their own brand of ambition – choosing to keep things small and using their own success to help out friends. We spend time in kitchens with three of Melbourne’s top chefs to talk about trends in plating up, and how they represent themselves in a dish.

We also did a fashion shoot in a skate bowl (surrounded by skaters on school holidays waiting for us to hurry up), hung out at Lune Croissanterie in Elwood from 5am, and, just for fun, we rounded up the city’s best dessert dumplings, because Melbourne is ridiculous and great like that.

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We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed making it.

Tacey Rychter

The Broadsheet print issue is a free quarterly paper. It is distributed to hundreds of cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, galleries and hotels around Melbourne.