Opening today at fortyfive downstairs, Collected Works brings together the personal projects of a small group of photographers represented by Sam I Am Management. The show aims to offer an insight into each artist's individual practice, technical skill and passion for photographic craft.

Collected Works sees commercial photographers experimenting with unconventional processes, which seemingly shift in and out of the dark room, providing a concise survey of old and new photographic practices as well as some curious contextual perspectives.

Hands-on artists – notably Michael Corridore, Tim Georgeson and Ellen Dahl – dispense with overtly digital styles and aesthetics to engage with their subjects directly. Capturing images of washed out beaches, silvery figures, misty wilderness, weathered faces and landscapes in a skilful and familiar manner, these photographs conjure recognisable visions of the real world.

Others, including Billy Plummer's portraits, go for more vivid and augmented compositions and abstractions, which bring a touch of humour to the mix. Offering more mystery and depth, the most interesting images in Collected Works hint at a sense of meaning than is open-ended.

Providing an intimate insight into the inspiring body of personal work behind each photographer's commercial output, Collected Works celebrates the technical and creative explorations of each artist's personal practice.

Other artists showing in this exhibition include Paul Barbera, John Laurie, Vanessa Levis, Tobias Rowles and Cory White.

Collected Works by Sam I Am Management is showing until August 17 at fortyfive downstairs.

fortyfive downstairs
45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne