What is Melbourne like in winter?
A lot like Melbourne in any other season! But with more men in small shorts running around after footballs.

Does playing gigs in winter have a different feeling to the summer months?
There's a different feel because it's much harder to convince yourself to go out. So you feel super-duper grateful that anyone would come to your show instead of staying in bed and watching Game of Thrones with a cup of hot cocoa.

Where do you like to eat in winter?
Regardless of the weather, I predictably like to eat the daal makhani and fresh butter naan from Kake Di Hatti in Brunswick East. It's hard to resist the urge to craft the soft, pillowy naans into some kind of jacket to keep me warm through the cold night.

Which bar would we find you at on a frosty night? What are you drinking?
The Red Triangle Snooker Room in Fitzroy, drinking a Snickers milkshake, or maybe a cinnamon donut milkshake. It can be hard to decide.

What are The Harpoons looking forward to in the coming months?
Having an album finished and also summer coming around again! The aquatic rock genre is a tough sell in the winter months.