The humble skater, surfer or snowboarder tends to have a knack for documenting their adventures. is collecting some of the best short films to rise from such sports to create a series of adrenalin-driven film festivals celebrating the communities behind each adrenalin-driven sport. Tonight marks the start of's Skateboard Film Festival, the first of the bunch.

The face behind the feat is Elliot Chapple, a 23-year-old daredevil from Byron Bay who moved to Melbourne around a year ago and found himself creating and directing and the consequent film festivals.

Skateboarding has a long history of crossing over to creative endeavours like graffiti, street art and filmmaking. "It's very unstructured. Creative people gravitate towards it because there's no rules," says Chapple. "There's no uniform, you can wear whatever you want and you can skate however you want. And it's easy to get along with everyone."

Festival entrants are also competitors, with big cash and product prizes for the three finalists, with the winners announced during tonight’s launch at The Astor. Films had to be only four minutes in length and have one or all of three elements: a good story, quality filmmaking and good skating. Elliot is travelling to Queenstown to curate a festival based around the same premise – only in the context of snow sports – and later to his hometown of Byron Bay for a celebration of surfing culture. In a few years time he hopes to bring everything together for a film festival combining all action sports.

Get a taste tonight at The Astor.

The Skateboard Film Festival shows tonight at 7pm, The Astor, 1 Chapel Street, St Kilda. For tickets, click here.

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