Proof that Nordic design isn’t always about the old guns, Norm is casting aside preconceptions of IKEA designs and mid-century curves. This multidisciplinary studio is part of a new wave of Scandinavian designers doing things a little differently – as seen in their new collection Raft.

Founded in Copenhagen in 2008 by local architects Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, there’s no project too big or small for Norm, having designed everything from residential buildings to furniture and industrial products. Led by the philosophy that a product is justified by its ability to differentiate, Norm is just as much about creating useful products as it is about appealing design.

Raft was inspired by the contrasting surfaces of driftwood and the industrial metal structures often found in docks or shipyards. The designers have taken the idea of these maritime materials and translated it into a collection of furniture that’s modern and, in typical Danish fashion, very minimalistic.

The pieces are crafted from sandblasted wood, its raw, aged texture accentuated by the metal details that bring the stools, barstools and tables together. Our pick of the lot is the white Raft Table of lacquered steel with oak legs and a laminate tabletop. The clean lines are given a twist with the playful triple legs at each end.

It’s nice to see a (relatively) young team of Danish designers thinking about furniture design in a fresh, innovative way, without being overshadowed by the great designers of the past.

Raft is available exclusively at Great Dane in Melbourne and Sydney.

This is the third in a series of articles exploring Scandinavian design and its key designers, brought to you by Great Dane.