Showing until July 28 at Mr Kitly, artist and designer Sarah K's supercyclers – superfusion is a project presenting recycled plastic objects, assembled with the same careful sensibility and delicate aesthetic that has come to define Bree Claffey's homely shop and gallery.

In a deceptively complex reimagining of so-called junk, this project looks at the fusion between old and new materials which, when complete, transform what were once considered waste products into objects that have acquired a renewed sense of value, functionality and beauty.

A collection of small bowls, narrow vases and a vertical rope planter – all skillfully crafted from synthetic materials – populate the gallery space at Mr Kitly, which is sparsely decorated with greenery.

Discarded plastic straws (between 60 to 500 million are consumed and thrown away daily) are used to create vases for tiny floral displays, surprising us with a pretext for thinking about the objects that mark our daily lives.

Sarah K and collaborator Liane Rossler have been investigating the reuse of waste materials as a way of approaching issues of sustainability through the supercyclers project since 2011, encouraging alternative vantages on over-consumption and wastefulness that offer sustainable design in an artful way.

supercyclers – superfusion will be showing at Mr Kitly until July 28.

Mr Kitly
381 Sydney Road (upstairs), Brunswick