My greatest memory of the Queenscliff Music Festival as a kid was the endless 50-cent lucky dip bins, the deliciously sugary fruit straps that were sold at one that food stalls, the henna tattoos we thought were as naughty as the real thing, and the excitement of being allowed to walk down the main street to the roundabout, after dark. Funnily enough, few of my memories as a teenager at the Queenscliff Music Festival involve the music.

This year’s Queenscliff Music Festival line-up, however, is something not to be missed. The long string of acts is not only enticingly good, but has a scope that caters to an impressive variety of music tastes. This year’s line-up seems to be better than ever, featuring performers for old and young such as Kate Miller-Heidke, Colin Hay, Little Red, Washington, Sally Seltmann, The Vascro Era, Katie Noonan & The Captains, Dan Kelly’s Dream Band and the Public Opinion Afro Orchestra.

Enveloping the entire town, the festival not only draws an extensive list of musicians. Market stalls set up down the main street on every grassy knoll provide wanderers with fresh, local food and hand-made crafts, and a chance to relax amongst the majestic surrounds of the seaside town. Last year’s festival even saw a yoga program set up to compliment the drinking and dancing experienced by the hoards of festival goers. What could be better than a festival that is not only concerned with entertaining you but your path to recovery as well? So jump on the blues train in November for some seaside revelry at the Queenscliff Music Festival, even if your parents aren’t footing the bill this time.

The Queenscliff Music Festival runs 26-28 November in Queenscliff.