Some of us seek out the domestic and are comforted by the pull of the everyday. For others, this familiarity is a cloying reminder of the things we can no longer do and the places we’ll never go. The tension between the pleasures and trappings of domesticity is the focus of Pretty Little Stupid Pictures, the latest exhibition by Matthew Bax, opening at Anna Pappas gallery on Thursday, with a small publication launching alongside it.

Bax might be the owner of the celebrated Der Raum and Bar Americano but his first love and day job is painting. Working in studios in Munich, Singapore and Melbourne, Bax lives a life many would envy, travelling between the three cities, painting and overseeing his bars. The series that makes up Pretty Little Stupid Pictures has its roots in Munich and explores the quotidian.

Bax’s mixed-media images of everyday objects are sensuous, with a hint of the sinister. Pink roses are swallowed by an inky darkness; a pair of well-worn bedroom slippers evokes a sense of decay. Although Bax’s sense of the abstract owes a little to Rothko, his subject’s stories could well be your own.

Pretty Little Stupid Pictures opens May 31 at Anna Pappas Gallery and runs until July 7.