We met Poppy Lane earlier this year when she was arranging flowers for us with Katie Marx at The Broadsheet Bar. It was the night of the opening, about 5pm, and we still hadn’t secured any surfaces for her to put the posies on. So she called her boyfriend Scott Gibson, a joiner, and the two of them saved the day. Since then, Poppy and Scott have been busy up in Northcote. They found a large warehouse space just off High Street, which used to be a mechanic, and have transformed it into an warm and inviting workshop for creatives, specifically wood workers, an artist in Dane Lovett, a photographer in Lisa Sorgini and a florist in Lane, who runs the show.

The space is large, open and light-filled, but sectioned off into private, self-contained studios that surround the central area, which features a large pot belly stove where they’d been making soup when we visited, making it feel very communal. The woodworking area is fully operational with a large array of professional equipment including beautiful old Australian, English and Italian woodworking machinery of all kinds, including various power saws and other tools to make furniture and ceramics. There’s also a darkroom available for photographers developing film.

They provide these tools for craftsmen and woodworkers to use as if it were their own, understanding that living in the inner city means limited space and that not everybody has the access to the facilities they provide. And the spaces at Pop & Scott are available to rent for $25 an hour, $150 for the day, or $600 for the whole month.

They also sell things they make from their online store, such as swing seats that hang by rope from the ceiling, wooden stools and dining tables. And have plans to hold classes and workshops for flower arranging (from October), woodwork and furniture design (from November) and monthly open days featuring installations of what people are making in the space.

It’s a nifty idea and the first of its kind in Melbourne. Pop in some time.

The first spring flower class will be held at Pop & Scott on October 17. Learn how to create a posy and other florist tricks. To find out more about classes email info@popandscott for more info.