There is something alluring about the fixed fleetingness of pop-up stores and the limited time to visit and see the contents being showcased. Pauline Tran-Cecil’s store, Pop Craft, is located on the Brunswick end of Lygon Street and will be open until the end of August stocking walls of a colourful yarn and fabrics from around the world (including rare textiles from Japan and Vietnam).

Local textile artists’ accessories and garments are on sale, such as knit necklaces by Stella Jones (Stella Has Knits), hand knitted children’s capes by Michelle Browne as well as colourful wonders from Vion Fullier and Anna Varendorff. There are various workshops in the store during the week that encourage beginners and enthusiasts to come and learn how to knit, sew and stitch with artisans David Pearce and Leeana Edwards-Chaouki.

Pauline says, “The store is designed to be like a small lounge room knitting circle allowing for people to sit down and have a chat”. In the front window is a soft textile installation that on a fortnightly basis will be recreated by a new artist. The room is filled with knitting machines and comfortable furniture. The walls and floor are freshly painted white, but splashes of textile are everywhere. One wall has odd threads of wool that are hung along the wall like multi-coloured plants. The other walls are carefully cluttered with spools of wool, garments and necklaces. Looking up, even the ceiling has lines of colourful wool suspended and entwined together.

Pop Craft is developing a new, contemporary look and feel for knitting. Pauline says she “doesn’t have pattern books, because I want people to look at the yarn and be inspired and think of a project” for themselves and then to use the workshops to get started.

Pop Craft will be open until August 30.

Pop Craft
510 Lygon Street, Brunswick East

Mon-Sat 10am-5pm
Sun 10am-4pm