What do a furniture maker, photographer, ceramicist, guitar-maker, illustrator and stonemason have in common – apart from all living in Northcote? Well, in the case of Pop and Scott, it’s a place to create and share their work.

Behind closed doors, the workshop collective has been busy for the past three years, with artists and craftspeople getting creative in the converted Northcote space. But, Pop and Scott only officially opens its showroom to the public this weekend from 10am-3pm with coffee and taco trucks in attendance.

Pop and Scott is named after creative duo Poppy Lane (botanical artist, pot-painter and florist) and furniture maker Scott Gibson. They use the warehouse to build quirky plant pots and cool-but-functional homewares that are eagerly snapped up by lovers of design.

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They’ve also filled their warehouse with a who’s-who selection of talented Melbourne artisans in an impressive example of space sharing. Pop and Scott’s line-up will show off the wares of ceramicist Bruce Rowe of Anchor Ceramics; bespoke apron designer Camille Moir-Smith (of Carpenter’s Daughter); Cenzo Design furniture-maker, Vincent Conboy; photographer and illustrator, Bobby Clark of Bobby and Tide; and stonemason, Steve Clark, to name just a few.

Artist collectives of this type are increasingly common, as individual practitioners struggle to find affordable solo spaces to lease. But, it’s not just a financial decision. Artists working together don’t just share the rent: they share inter-disciplinary inspiration and technique, as well as moral and emotional support.

A limited number of Pop and Scott sample pots and small furniture items will also be on sale – and for those who miss out, individual orders for items can also be made.

Opening weekend hours this Saturday May 30 - Sunday May 31, 10am-3pm.

Pop and Scott
27 Hayes Street, Northcote

Hours (from Tuesday June 2)
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 11am-3pm